Focus Points Vision Incorporated is a 501C3 Tax-exempt Status non-profit organization that provides innovative and comprehensive services to individuals and families with disabilities and mental health needs, so they can live a more predominant and productive lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our Mission as a 501C3 Tax-exempt Status non-profit is to provide an innovative and comprehensive services to individuals and families with disabilities and mental health needs; so they can live a more predominant and productive lifestyle.


We are honored to be able to provide these services at no cost to the community.
All funding comes through donations and private funds.

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Services Offered


Mental Health Skill Building (MHSB) is the new name for Mental Health Support Services (MHSS). MHSSB is a training service for adults 18 years old and older with significant mental illness. The service is designed to train individuals in functions skills and appropriate behavior related to the individual’s health and safety, activities of daily living, and use of community resources; assistance with medication management and monitoring health, nutrition, and physical conditions.


Focus Points Vision’s Summer Camp is an 8 week program that begins after school is out for the summer. The summer camp is catered to the age groups of 8-16 years old that are in low-economic communities. This program focuses on self-esteem building, life-skills, reading, math and field trips. We shall provide light breakfasts, lunch and snacks daily. The goal of the summer camp is to enrich the lives of the youth so they can be efficient and productive in their communities.


Focus Points Vision’s After School Program is for students 10-16 years old. Our goal is to provide programs in a safe and engaging environment with the highest priority. We focus on reading comprehension, critical math thinking, technology, creative writing and journalism. Our trained and experienced staff shall provide assistance with homework assignments, academic enrichment and recreation.


Focus Points Vision Incorporated developed a scholarship program for high school students that are entering into college. The scholarship is for students that are entering the Health and Human Service Field. Applicants must apply by following the application process and the Board of Directors shall make the final selection for the scholarships. The scholarships shall be distributed during a ceremony at the Focus Point Vision desired location.


Doors of Hope is a transitional housing program for the population of 18-25 years old that are aging out of the foster care program, that are homeless or having a difficult time transitioning into the community. This independent living program shall focus on life skills, budgeting, credit repair and work development. Our ultimate goals are to prepare these individuals to transition into their own home, whether its and apartment or lease with option to purchase a house.


Focus Points Vision‘s transportation was created to assist individuals that are disabled, unemployed but seeking employment and homeless that are in the need for a ride to the Department of Social Services, to the doctor appointments and to Focus Point Mental Health for services. The individuals will be given a scheduled of the times the transportation picks up for the locations above. The individuals would have to be a consumer of the Focus Point Mental Health agency in order to qualify for transportation.


Focus Points Vision Incorporated shall advocate on the local, state and national level for mental health services, for disability and human rights. We shall collaborate with other organizational and bring awareness of the needs of the people.


We are dedicated to providing quality Focus Points Vision’s Mentoring program is established to take place between a youth (mentee) and an experienced and credential adult (mentor) that provides support in one or more areas of the mentee’s life. These areas can be defined and not limited to the mentee’s cognitive development, socialization, interpersonal skills, environmental, educational, behavioral modification and life skills. The program shall provide college tours; focus on career paths, volunteer work and internships to assist the mentees with directions after graduating from high school.


As a non-profit organization, our vision is to provide partnerships that emphasizes on resources and a system of care of services that can reshape the direction of individuals and families regardless of their physical, intellectual, or behavioral challenges.


Positive Influence

The goal of the Mentoring program is to help our clients and their families achieve a good outcome with the help of positive reinforcement from a mentor. This program provides both one-on-one and group mentoring to individuals. The mentoring program uses individual interactions, service plans, and treatment meetings. During these meetings individual action plans can be developed and monitored. We believe that not all children/adolescents are in need of intensive services and some can achieve positive outcomes through the use of a good role model or mentor.


As a non-profit organization, we need your help in making this program successful. Your donation can provide us with the resources and materials needed to keep our youth safe and decrease crime in our community. Email Us to donate, or call 434-548-0560.

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Our Core VALUES 

We believe that individuals of all abilities deserve the opportunity to realize their full potential through services and supports provided in their own communities.
We believe that positive, nurturing relationships are the basis for growth and change. These relationships are cultivated through community engagement.
We believe in the power of personal choice. Individuals have right to be involved in their treatment and decisions of their services.
We believe in respecting each other and honoring each person’s human rights regardless of their race, creed, color, sexual orientation or disability.
We believe that providing the highest ethical standards, quality of services and supports are keys to leading a success business and accountability to the people we serve.
We believe allowing feedback so we can provide quality assurance and new ways to serve the people in our organization.
We believe in cultivating relationships and strengthening our philanthropy through giving back, volunteering and holding workshops that can enhance the lives of others.

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A Virginia Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation

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501C3 Tax-exempt Status


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