Providing mental health services for adults who suffer from serious mental, behavioral or emotional illness that result in significant functional impairments in major life activities.

Building Better Communities by Empowering Individuals

We are an agency that not only aides in building better communities by empowering our individuals with comprehensive, integrated, quality, and therapeutic interventions, but also maximizes their social, emotional, economic, and academic potential.


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Together we can achieve the future you envision

Providing mental health services for adults who suffer from serious mental, behavioral or emotional illness that result in significant functional impairments in major life activities.


Our vision is to become the most recognized provider of quality and successful treatment for the Danville, Halifax, Henry and Pittsylvania County communities (physically located in Danville, VA).


We are dedicated to providing quality mental health care while aiding individuals in moving from where they are to where they desire to be.


We believe that the agency’s success is dependent upon meeting our individual’s where they are while aiding them in realistic goals to reach an obtainable success story.

Skill Building Services

Goal directed training in the areas of daily living, money management, medication management, accessing community resources, appropriate use of social skills/personal support systems, decreasing isolative behavior, symptom recognition and management, personal hygiene/health and safety, food preparation, and adherence to psychiatric and medical treatment plans.
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Determine Eligibility

To be eligible for Mental Health Skill Building Services individuals must demonstrate a clinical need for the service arising from a condition due to mental, behavioral, or emotional illness, which results in significant functional impairments in major life activities.
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Thoughts of Suicide?

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or having any other dangerous or life-threatening symptoms after hours call

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Danville Pittsylvania County Crisis Intervention

434-793-4322 or toll free 877-793-4922


Q: Do Focus Point services treat people?
A: No, we do not treat clients medically.  We offer other forms of assistants to individuals with mental illness, such as counseling and treatment referrals.
Q: Is there treatment available in my area?
A: In the United States, there is most likely treatment available in your area.  Since treatment depends on the individual’s needs, this will need to be discussed on a case by case basis.
Q: Are the services offered at Focus Point discreet?
A: Yes, everything is completely discreet and private.
Q: What insurance is not accepted?

A: We do not accept Cigna, Humana or United Healthcare

Q: I have both mental illness and drug addiction. Can Focus Point help me?
A: Yes, we offer services for both mental illnesses and substance abuse. We will also make sure to refer you to a medical treatment facility that is equipped to handle both issues.
Q: My mental illness is not on your list. Can you still help me?
A: Yes, we provide assistance for all types of mental illness. Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs!
Q: Is phone counseling available?
A: Yes, phone counseling is something that can be arranged but if you have a medical emergency, please dial 911.
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